The letter from The Island Bistro is not a common Menu like that of any other restaurant; This is something that makes us special. And it is formed by dishes that in turn lead to a three-course menu: first, second and dessert. The variety we offer as well as its preparation, preparation and presentation make us a reference in international cuisine.

One of our strengths is that we give our customers the possibility to choose between 12 first courses, 12 seconds and six desserts.

First: we offer a wide variety of salads, seafood, pasta and much more. Decide which plate you want to taste in the first place.

Seconds: after having opened our mouths with the starter, we have dishes made up of more forceful ingredients such as: the best meat on the island, chicken with different side dishes and sauces, select fish and delicious pasta.

Desserts: to finish sweetening the moment you will have to choose between: profiteroles with hot chocolate, cherries with ice cream and rum, meringue with caramel syrup and ice cream, our delicious flan of the house and much more.

Once you try our dishes, you'll want to repeat, we're sure!